Director and technical guru

Nicola is a dynamic and conscious technical designer with over a decade of experience working in every angle of the Intimate Apparel supply sector in the UK and overseas, honing her technical knowledge and skill through prolific and proven product development and sometimes through her mistakes!

Bold Intimates was born out of Nicola’s desire to consciously restore and regenerate a product development system that is relevant to our world today, built on authenticity, responsibility and integrity. This means working closely with people and the planet, listening to their needs and working with our natural strengths and flow, in order to make a genuine positive impact.


Designer and creative genius

Tabitha brings the beauty and charm, with a flow of creative juice flowing through her veins she has excelled in proven luxury commercial lingerie design for the likes of Coco de Mer, Myla, Pistol panties and Alexander McQueen. Tabitha can bring the sparkle to your product, elevating the details and producing exquisite fully rendered fashion CADs. All whilst balancing life as a mum to baby Atlas.

Sewing superstar

Val is our number one golden machinist working out of her home grown studio in Surrey. With over 25 years experience in garment construction and 10 years working with Nicola on product development for lingerie and swimwear she is a beloved member of our family, an epic problem solver and a fastidious and passionate creator.


Sourcing & manufacturing Queen

Andriana is the founder of Ecologic Republic and is our trusted affiliate for sourcing and manufacturing in India. Andriana’s vision is to empower brands to have access to trusted supply chain partners who can guide them through the process of manufacturing high quality products in the most environmentally and socially sound manner. Our perfectly aligned partnership has helped us to take intimates development back to the source.

“We chose to work with Bold Intimates as they took the time to fully understand what we were looking to create and why and how integral it is to us as a brand that everything we do is both ethical and sustainable. We loved how Bold Intimates reflect these values and put them at the forefront of everything they do”

Alexandra Patience, 
Social and Content Executive at TOTM

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