We are proud and passionate members of the Sustainable Fashion Collective, a collaborative community sharing holistic guidance and expert advice for creating ethical fashion, dedicated to constantly being conscious of our practices and seeking out new ways to be responsible

This week we were totally thrilled to join their monthly networking event, in the form of an online expert panel discussion on Eco underwear and lingerie, alongside conscious underwear brands THE UNDERARGUMENT (empowering our uniqueness through the lingerie that we wear and pioneers of 'The Anti-Casting') and PANTEE (turning pre-consumer rejected t shirt stocks, otherwise destined for landfill or incineration, into stylish underwear).

We delved into the current consumer mindset, the type of materials we want against our most intimate areas, as well as considering the challenges and opportunities of starting an eco lingerie brand in the current climate, including responsible material sourcing, sustainable practices, sizing and inclusivity.

Collectively championing slow and considered product development, integrity and authenticity, it was an absolute dream to connect with these like minded brands on our mission and message.

The chat is still available to view on YouTube until the end of May and after that the content will form part of the Sustainable Fashion Collective’s Underwear Masterclass coming later in the year!

Some really great insights for anyone looking to start a lingerie brand or wanting to learn more about eco underwear product development!