It’s fashion revolution week and we are reminded of the impact that our culture of fast fashion, consumption and disposability has on the planet. We buy 60% more clothing than we did 15 years ago, and only wear it for half as long! This trend continues to drive over 10% of global carbon emissions, 92 million tonnes of landfill waste and 20% of all industrial water pollution worldwide!

WRAP advises that by wearing an item of clothing for an extra 9 months you can reduce its overall carbon, water and waste footprints by 20-30%.

As designers and producers, we have a responsibility to re-invent how garments are designed and to create smarter products that will last and bring real value to the wearer. We are being called to create season-less products that perform, feel great and are aligned with our consumers’ needs. This means investing in quality materials and workmanship, produced with integrity, but it also means designing with simplicity and function in mind. Solution driven features such as a classic and supportive fit or built in adjustability will promote comfort and versatility and create a more engaged and positive experience for the wearer, therefore extending the amount of time the garment is worn for.

We also strongly believe in championing after care of our products, to cherish and refresh garments that already exist and to keep them out of landfills. For more intimate garments such as underwear and swimwear, which are worn directly against the skin and may pick up additional stains and odours, there are specific solutions available.

For underwear and swimwear, we would recommend washing on a cool machine wash (max. 30 degrees) and using a bag, such as GUPPYFRIEND to catch microplastic particles that are shed from synthetic materials and would otherwise end up in the ocean. For bras, handwashing ensures delicate fabrics are preserved and prevents trims and components such as underwires coming loose or snagging other areas of the garments. It also ensures minimal colour fading and cross staining therefore bras stay brighter and fresher in appearance for longer.

We love the CLOTHES DOCTOR Eco washes, made with plant-derived ingredients in the UK and recommend their No.4 wash for hand washing lingerie. It contains an all-natural formula which cleanses, refreshes and renews delicate garments, and is particularly great for nourishing and restoring natural fibres such as silk. For swimwear and sportswear, their No.5 wash is ideal, it has been engineered with leading sports brands to be the first natural sportswear wash. Its fresh formula helps odors, bacteria, and fungal spores be destroyed with natural ingredients such as tea tree, lemon grass and eucalyptus.

We want our consumers to wear their garments until they fall apart and when they can’t be worn anymore to be mindful of how the materials can be reused or recycled. There are some great initiatives around for intimate garments to ensure the materials are re-used rather than ending up in landfills.

BRAVISSIMO run a bra recycling scheme in their UK stores and any old or unwanted bras can be brought here. The bras are then sent to SOEX a recycling provider, who focus on innovative ways to recycle and prolong the life of textiles. If the bras can be worn again they are distributed to women in need around the world. If they are beyond wear the bras are broken down and the different parts separated for re-cycling and re-use. As well as promoting circularity of textiles to our consumers this is also a great way for designers, brands and retailers to dispose of old fit, sales and press samples at the end of each season!

Please note sadly Bravissimo stores are currently shut due to the COVID-19 situation but hang on to those donations until collections can resume!