Towards the end of 2021 we began to feel strongly that we wanted to stand for empowering and regenerating the product development sector of the Intimate Apparel industry. We knew that there was more that could be done and there was still what felt like a lot of disconnect in the industry, especially between direct peers.

We set about building a network of like minded, conscious designers, pattern cutters, technicians and machinists from all areas of the industry and also the globe. We wanted to bring together aligned product creators who truly hold people and the planet and the core of their values and believe in the power of building intimate garments with authenticity, accuracy, integrity, trust and above all a human connection.

The Intimate Apparel Technical Collective was born and we met for the first time at our 'seed gathering' this month where the founding members were able to connect, introduce themselves and share ideas of what we want from this space.

Coming away truly inspired and galvanised by our peers, our goal now is to nurture this Collective of professionals for our niche skillset, to create a safe and welcoming space where we can connect, share, celebrate, collaborate and also ask for support!

We've set up monthly online gatherings where we have an opportunity for real time face to face connection and also a Slack group with channels for news, sharing, quick tech help and work opportunities so we can feel connected and supported on the move and whatever we are doing.

We believe deeply in the power of the feeling technician, who is able to combine technical precision with the full human experience to allow the flow of creativity to come to life in a supported and loving way and we recognise the importance of community to support a sustainable and thriving flow of life throughout the eco system that is the Intimate Apparel industry.

If you are an Intimate Apparel technical designer, technician, pattern cutter, grader or machinist and would like to hear more or join our next monthly online gathering, please do get in touch at

Whatever level of experience or particular strengths you have, we'd love to hear from you! Together we really are stronger.

Come curious.

Leave connected.