Tessitura Colombo Antonio S.r.l is a fully vertical producer of lace in Northern Italy, with all stages of lace production managed within the company using the latest generation and avant-garde technologies. Their fundamental values are based on the philosophy of sustainability and since 1997 the manufacturing plant uses 100% renewable solar energy and all water is internally recycled. The company is certified with STANDARD 100 by OEKO- TEX.

Colombo Antonio are pioneers in Eco- Laces, with their collection being available since 2015, with designs 100% made from regenerated polyamide and elastane. This month we have passionately dived into the new ‘Natural Dye Collection’. Colouring agents are 100% derived from plants, fruits and insect waste and are available in a soft, sensual and pure pastel palette of 7 shades. The freshness of the colours and the softness of the lace really is incredible and unlike the eco materials of bygone days. We can’t wait to share these with our clients and create some uniquely beautiful and responsible Eco- friendly garments.

“Nature”, “Technology” and “Sensitivity” are the 3 keywords that Tessitura Colombo puts at the center of its vision and we couldn’t feel more aligned!