Super excited to shout out PANTEE this month for our client feature!

We connected with Pantee back in May 2020 when we were both part of an expert panel discussion for the Sustainable Fashion Collective, discussing starting an underwear brand, sustainable fabrics and the current opportunities in the Intimate Apparel sector.

PANTEE stand for a circular economy by taking pre consumer waste T-shirt stock (over production, cancelled orders etc.) and turning it into underwear. They design out the waste, ensuring all resources are kept in the system.

Pantee's fresh perspective and raw energy for innovating a way to use a waste element of the supply chain and turn it into a brand new and completely different product continues to inspire and galvanise us! Embodying the crux of true regenerative innovation and transformation by bringing two things together which before then had been entirely separate. It reminds us of the power of connections outside of our usual circles and systems and how the answer is not about creating or doing more of the same but looking at what we already have and changing our relationship to it.

" True innovation occurs when things are put together for the first time that had been separate " Arthur Koestler & John Smythies (1969)

Proud to have watched Pantee's journey and recognition in British Vogue, The Independent, Hello Magazine and more, we relished the opportunity to connect again with Pantee this year to support refining the fit and sizing of their now established favourite core lines.

As a fellow member of the 1% FOR THE PLANET movement and recently joining our ECOSYSTEM INCUBATOR in the 'Ones to Watch' category in the Drapers Sustainable Fashion awards, being able to collaborate in alignment and inject our technical expertise at just the right moment  is what we're all about!