Cad design
Creative fashion illustrations + technical diagrams

We can translate a concept or vision into a commercial, viable and impactful design whilst maintaining the ability to explore boundaries and test new innovations. Every detail of the product functionality and construction is meticulously considered to ensure a clear and accurate finished design inline with a brands ethos and values.


Transparency + integrity throughout the supply chain

From Fairtrade organic cotton, ahimsa silk to regenerated nylon laces and natural dyes we help our clients to navigate consciously the most suitable material and manufacturing sources for their product and brand through our established network of accredited global suppliers and partners.

Technical specifications
Precise product briefs + measurement charts

We create a documented blueprint for your product that is followed, critiqued, managed and developed throughout sampling, fitting, production and quality control, ensuring the life cycle of the product is managed with clarity, accuracy and consistency.


Pattern Cutting + Grading
The maths bit!

We are highly skilled and experienced in pattern cutting for intimates and helping to establish and grade a size range of patterns, taking into account the unique requirements of each client. We understand how fabrics move and fit to the body and can translate designs into accurate and clear patterns, ready to be cut out of fabric and made into samples.

Cutting  + sewing of prototypes + fit samples

We work closely with our network of highly specialist and adept lingerie and swimwear machinists in the UK, ensuring the highest level of considered construction and impeccable finishing.


Get it on a body!

Seeing and testing garments on the body is crucial to the development of a product and our brand values.  We have extensive experience in fitting and testing highly complex intimate garments to ensure the sizing, fit, comfort and performance is suitable for the end consumer and aligned with our client’s ethos and goals.


Don’t see exactly what you’re looking for here? We offer bespoke consultancy programs for technical product builds and sustainability journeys, tailoring our expertise, experience and passion to your unique conscious product goals. Get in touch to see how we can help bring your vision to life in the most meaningful way.


“Bold Intimates’ technical expertise is second to none. Nicola’s knowledge and technical skill enables her to quickly translate our innovative ideas into viable designs. She is excellent in fitting sessions and always knows how to fix a pattern that is causing us fit problems.”

Claudine Davies, 
CEO + Founder at Biondi