Introducing the Ecosystem Incubator, a collaboration space for sustainable and regenerative fashion.

We connected with Rachel Sheila Kan, founder of the space and movement back in 2020 through our aligned ethos and vision for a fashion design and development industry with regenerated systems, working with the flow of life: with nature and our human nature as opposed to against it.

Bold Intimates has been an active contributor in building out the Intimate Apparel niche/'tree' ever since, alongside our peer Emmaline Vaughan Ronson of Source Lingerie. You can listen to both Nicola and Emmaline's podcasts in discussion with The Ecosystem Incubator now to learn more about the vision and to be a part of this growing niche branch of the Ecosystem.

In Nicola's podcast, she discusses in detail concepts of circularity, shifting mindsets and reconnection to the human experience as a starting point for building a new healthier future for us all and our planet. We are not stuck in the current systems that are not working, we can create and be a part of the emerging new systems, simply by tuning into what feels true for us.

We speak about our vision for the Intimate Apparel Technical Collective (our niche within a niche) and the power of making aligned and authentic connections that can then ripple out into the larger Intimate Apparel and fashion ecosystems.

" For a considered, holistic life and human centric approach to the industry delve in here, the birth of a new industry space is upon us"


To find out more about the Ecosystem Incubator in a collaborative networking setting you can join a 'try it on' intro session for your fashion business every Friday at 1.30pm GMT.

Go to for more details.