As you may have seen on our 'About' page, Bold Intimates is a member of the ECOSYSTEM INCUBATOR project, a sustainable fashion community which uses living systems thinking to adopt new circular models throughout the fashion industry.

Using the analogy of a forest to represent the fashion industry as a living system, we are proud to be a seed ambassador of the Intimate Apparel tree. Within our tree, we are currently working around the enquiry of material sourcing and how we can better streamline and collaborate; sharing nutrients, inspiring change and building supply chain efficiencies for all.

This initiative is particularly suited to young brands who have the agility to pivot and flexibility to collaborate from this mindset. Coming together to combine orders and drive change, creating more opportunities, which mutually support brands, material producers and the land.

You can find out more at the

If this is something that speaks to you, we'd love to have a chat and if you feel ready to join us in the IA tree, we have a special discount code for Bold Intimates affiliates: PANTS 100 for your first free month!

See you there!