It's International Women's Day and we are taking this opportunity to celebrate our belief and vision for personal and planetary healing by embracing feminine leadership.

The natural energy that flows through all humans is ONE with the planet and the natural world, the trees and the oceans. We have been taught for some time now that natural feminine and maternal qualities such as feeling, tenderness, nurturing, rage and passionate expression need to be made smaller and controlled. We have been taught to not be in our bodies, not to allow the natural flow and force of energy surging through us. When a human does this they can become traumatised, stuck, anxious and depressed. It is very painful to hold these energies internally and can lead to numbing or coping behaviours such as addictions, including over consumption. It is very difficult to give outwardly and love others and our planet when we are in survival mode.When we dismiss and oppress the feminine we are also dismissing Mother Nature. To value nature, we must first honour the feminine.

" Ecofeminism is an integral facet of the women's movement because it addresses the severing of women and Mother Nature and the exploration of both" Lissa Brown

Through our '1% for the Planet' commitment, we have donated to two fantastic organisations this year, who are working on the ground to ensure a positive and thriving change in our planetary issues by working directly and closely with women whose environments are being the most effected:


WEA is on a mission to protect our environment and end the climate crisis and ensure a just and thriving world by empowering women's leadership. In some of the most environmentally threatened places in the world, WEA leaders are defending forests and rivers, saving threatened indigenous seeds, launching sustainable farms, conserving coral reefs, and protecting land rights. The model identifies grassroots women leaders working on the frontlines to reverse climate change and protect their communities' natural resources, livelihoods, and health. WEA invest in their long-term leadership through training, funding, and networks of support. These women leaders spread their solutions to many others for years beyond project investments - creating a ripple effect that benefits women’s communities, regions, our Earth, and future generations.


Wen acts to achieve equality, justice and joy at the point where gender and environmental issues meet. They work both in London and nationally to support women and grass-root movements with the mission achieve environmental justice, and we do this through providing women with equal access to knowledge, resources and opportunities to better their day-to-day experience.

" We are either going to have a future where women lead the way to make peace with the Earth or we are not going to have a human future at all". Vandana Shiva