We have collaborated with the Sustainable Fashion Collective to create a Masterclass packed with technical tutorials that give a step by step guide to creating and producing an Underwear line responsibly.

We share knowledge and insights into sustainable sourcing and precise and mindful pattern cutting, sizing, fitting, grading and sewing. As always, our approach to building intimate garments places the focus on the body and the human experience and comes from a place of authentic consideration, slow fashion and integrity. Combined with our extensive industry experience and technical know-how, these tutorials will help guide and inspire anyone looking to build an elevated meaningful experience into their intimate garments.

We are joined in this Masterclass by passionate female founders Maina Cisse of THE UNDERARGUMENT, Kristen Anderson of KRSTN NDRS , Primrose Matheson of BEDSTRAW AND MADDER and Stephanie Devine of THE VERY GOOD BRA,  all of which have grown powerful and conscious underwear businesses based on their own personal experience, strong values and a lot of trial and error.

These lessons, tips and discussions are a fantastic insight for anyone starting an underwear label and are available to all professional member of the Sustainable Fashion Collection, where you will find an absolutely vast amount of valuable and transparent industry knowledge. We love being part of this like-minded community, sharing advice, techniques, ideas and experiences, creating a greater accessibility and visibility across the sustainable fashion space. Together we really are stronger.