What a year for period care! A topic very close to our hearts and vaginas!

We've seen tampon tax be abolished in the UK and Scotland become the first country in the world to allow free and universal access to menstrual products, including tampons and pads, in public facilities, a landmark victory for the global movement against period poverty.

Doing our own bit for period care evolution, during lockdown 1.0 we used our technical knowledge for intimates design and passion for conscious product to work closely with DAME and their community to develop a re-usable period pad for the 21st Century.

Softer, drier and thinner than anything you would have seen before, we are incredibly proud to have been part of the journey to create a conscious, modern solution not only for period care and feminine health but in the fight against period plastic waste.

In the UK alone, 2.1 million single use pads are flushed down toilets every day! That’s 766 million pads a year - or - the equivalent of 3 billion plastic bags ending up in our water ways and finally oceans! Making the switch to reusable pads has never been more important.


" Nicola and the Bold Intimates team have been amazing at helping to bring our product to life. Always organised and structured and helped guide us through making a product that we didn't have a huge amount of experience with. Their expertise and rigorous eye for detail has meant we've ended up with something we are really proud of and that customers have been loving. Timings were always as advised and they were very transparent with deliverables and capacity of the team vs what we needed. I really can't recommend Bold Intimates enough, it's been a joy working together! "

Anna Williamson, New Product Development Manager at DAME