1st June 2024

The Movement Collection

Partnering with NETHERLIN was one of the easiest decisions we have ever made! From our first conversation with Ally & Kelsey, we were aligned on our passion to elevate and bring back care, consideration, quality and elevation into how we design, build and produce our most intimate and trusted of daily garments

Netherlin believe that our 'top drawer' should be shaped by the ever evolving needs of our bodies and lives and offer garments which really make us feel comfortable and supported in our own skin as we go about our day.

The Movement Collection is the freshly launched debut range and consists of a smooth and seamless line of 'active' underwear, designed for really any type of physical activity. This second skin fabric is soft, lightweight, aerated, quick drying and embedded with mineral fibres to keep us cool and comfortable! Not forgetting, Oeko-tex certified to ensure no harmful chemicals have been used throughout the supply chain.

We really enjoyed working with Netherlin, a brand which combines intuition with innovation, to ask the big questions about the smallest of details. Every millimetre of these garments have been considered and engineered and tested so we can't wait to hear your feedback!

Behind the scenes, we are working on a range of Collections with Netherlin tailored to every part of your day...so watch this space!


" Nicola is an absolute gem in the intimate apparel space and has become an integral part of our team. Her expertise in the intricacies of garment development & production paired with her incredibly calming demeanor creates a wonderful space for collaboration. Nicola really takes her time to hear our vision while providing thoughtful guidance and support throughout every step of the process. "

Ally Carroll & Kelsey Anderson,  Co-Founders of NETHERLIN



4th April 2024

We chat Sustainability with VOGUE

Sustainability as a concept and a reality is ever evolving and we were thrilled to have the opportunity to chat with VOGUE NL this month to re-visit how we as practitioners can be building the most meaningful and positively impactful intimate garments. Plus in turn, share advice to consumers who may be feeling confused regarding how to be sustainable when buying Intimate apparel.

It's important we, as an industry, continue to highlight and speak about the current product development and production landscape and how this may be different from other items of clothing and products. What are the unique sustainability challenges we face for Intimates and how can we make small changes individually and collectively to steer things in a healthy and long lasting direction and to empower consumers to do the same.

The question we posed to consumers was "If this is the only piece of lingerie you buy this year, would you still buy it?" One that invites both consumers and creators to consider what value a piece may have in their life and their personal reasons for choosing it. How can we create and buy less and better?


Full article can be read here: https://www.vogue.nl/fashion/duurzame-lingerie/



2nd February 2024

Spicy lingerie for conscious humans

We are proud to be supporting SPI&CE INTIMATES this week with the launch of their first product, the Gunilla Bodysuit.

An erotic outfit made using GRS certified recycled mesh, with multiple modular accessories and adjustable straps throughout. This Bodysuit celebrates self love, sensual expression and garment longevity. With the ability to be worn in multiple ways and with very flexible sizing, this garment will empower you with a versatile sensuality to suit your body and mood.

SPI&CE is also an advocate of local supply chain partnerships and the Gunilla bodysuit was designed, developed and manufactured with care in England, supporting local craftsmanship and industry whilst minimising their carbon footprint.

It was a joy to meet and work with Sahra along the product development journey and we admire their story and commitment to truth and integrity.


" I've worked with Nicola on the first style of my range for a brand launch! She has been extremely helpful and patient, especially given how little experience I had with the whole process of building a prototype. Nicola's expertise and commitment made the entire process very efficient and smooth, from pattern cutting to sampling and fitting. She always had great advice, which really helped to make the prototype great! "

Sahra Elm, Founder at SPI&CE INTIMATES


26th November 2023

How to create Sustainable Period Apparel

It's been a fantastic season for regenerative period care development with Environmenstrual week last month and this week the UK Government and Parliament have responded to the petition to remove the VAT on period underwear. As of January 2024, period underwear will be classified within Women's Sanitary Products with a ZERO rate of VAT in the UK, allowing it to be more accessible and affordable!

Timely, as our handy article on 'How to create Sustainable Period Apparel- Guide' has just been published through our collaboration with the charity WEN (Women's Environmental Network).

Take a read if you are a brand, retailer or designer looking to make progress in this area, whether its adding a new product to a range or improving supply chain health, receive some inspiration and a birds eye roadmap of the steps to take.


In need of further and more in depth technical support and sustainability solutions, you can email us at hello@boldintimates.com to discuss your project.

[ Consultancy waitlist now open for 2024]

7th August 2023

The Bodysuit project

Proudly celebrating the Bodysuit 3 week crowdfunding campaign now in full swing by our dear client HUHA.

A patented labour of love and collaboration for over 3 years, we have now mastered a super comfortable Thong back Bodysuit with a completely detachable 'one of a kind' gusset (both front and back fastening!) Perfect for easy wear and peeing particularly when travelling or out and about at summer festivals!

Made with the same super soft and breathable TENCEL lyocell modal fibres as the rest of the Collection but in just one layer for Summer ease and breathability!

The crowdfunding campaign will be ending soon as all targets have been smashed so look out for further product launches on this one in the near future!

We can't wait to get ours!

2nd May 2023

The birth of Secret Saviours

This month we celebrate the birth of the NEW collection from maternity brand SECRET SAVIOURS.

A conscious brand with a difference, not only do they authentically care about the physical and emotional journey into motherhood and have applied this care to every step of the product development process but they are also pioneers of the unique Derma Dot™ Intelligent Skin Support Technology, which is clinically proven to prevent stretch marks, when used as part of their revolutionary 3-step system. 

" Made from 85% recycled yarns and OEKO-TEX approved, the products have been designed to support, smooth, and sculpt the body, providing a comfortable and stylish solution whilst enhancing every woman’s natural curves. This game-changing technology plays an integral role in our 3-step stretch mark prevention system, which like all good skincare routines, focuses on maintaining healthy skin. "

You can head to their website to read more about the incredible science behind this.


Supporting Secret Saviours with the technical product build: sourcing, fitting, sizing, grading, testing, quality control and manufacturer liaison, we have relished this unique opportunity to connect and collaborate on such a sensitive and vulnerable topic, to develop truly caring, precise and functional garments that lovingly support and hold you as you transition to motherhood.

"Life- changing wear for when your life is changing “

Huge congratulations to founder Sophie Hooper and acknowledgement to the expert team at THE NEST.

" Nicola joined THE NEST as an expert consultant for ladies intimate apparel and quickly established herself as an absolute asset to our team and to the clients we work with. Her knowledge is outstanding and her collaborative approach to working with our team has really helped to elevate the services we can offer. Nicola's attention to detail and ability to problem solve has helped us to develop complex products that are functional, fit well and look beautiful "

Nicola Perring, Founder at THE NEST


20th April 2023

The Intimate Apparel Tree

As you may have seen on our 'About' page, Bold Intimates is a member of the ECOSYSTEM INCUBATOR project, a sustainable fashion community which uses living systems thinking to adopt new circular models throughout the fashion industry.

Using the analogy of a forest to represent the fashion industry as a living system, we are proud to be a seed ambassador of the Intimate Apparel tree. Within our tree, we are currently working around the enquiry of material sourcing and how we can better streamline and collaborate; sharing nutrients, inspiring change and building supply chain efficiencies for all.

This initiative is particularly suited to young brands who have the agility to pivot and flexibility to collaborate from this mindset. Coming together to combine orders and drive change, creating more opportunities, which mutually support brands, material producers and the land.

You can find out more at the ecosystemincubator.com/intimate-apparel-tree

If this is something that speaks to you, we'd love to have a chat and if you feel ready to join us in the IA tree, we have a special discount code for Bold Intimates affiliates: PANTS 100 for your first free month!

See you there!


28th February 2023

Collaborative design at Interfilière Paris

A fantastic and regenerative start to 2023 as we joined industry peers in Paris last month at the Salon International de la Lingerie and Interfilière trade show, under new management of WSN.

A precious opportunity to join Jos Berry for the Sunday VIP conference to present our growing eco- system for technical practitioners in the lingerie, swim and lounge industries, the Intimate Apparel Technical Collective .

Further more we were able to celebrate some of our cherished members and their craft in the trend forum though our expression of meaningful collaboration with Concepts Paris, Darquer and Noyon lace using archive/dead stock laces to re-connect to craft and beauty in a sustainable way.

You can read more about the show highlights in the Concepts Paris blog here:



1st December 2022

Plant dyed Pamba

Congratulations PAMBA on the launch of your synthetic free plant dyed underwear collection!

A simply beautiful and unique combination of soft and textured bamboo terry towelling emersed in the ancient and natural supportive qualities of plants, not to mention their beautiful colour palette!

Pamba is one of the brands disrupting the chemical dye industry in fashion by restoring artisanal natural dye practice to our most intimate garments, ensuring not only non-toxicity but breathability, anti-bacterial, soothing and medicinal qualities which can actually benefit the skin in our intimate areas. With our skin being the bodies largest organ and highly absorptive, surely there is much more to be explored here!

The style pictured here uses the Indigo plant which has active ingredients which can provide anti- inflammatory relief and helps to flush away toxins. During the Edo period, Japan's Samurai wore a layer of indigo dyed cotton beneath their armour to help heal injuries!

It was a true inspiration to support Pamba with their product development journey last year and witness their passion for the restoration of our connection to Mother Earth.

As we heal the earth she can heal us.

17th November 2022

IA Technical Collective celebrates 100+ members!

As we approach the end of the first year of the Intimate Apparel Technical Collective we are blessed with our subscribers crossing the 100 mark!

A professional network launched at the beginning of 2022 to connect and celebrate technical practitioners: designers, technicians, pattern cutters, graders, fit models and machinists in the lingerie, swim and lounge industry.

Our community is one based on authentic connection and collaboration and my goodness how it is thriving! The warmth, openness, support and abundance of life and opportunity we have co-created is more than we ever imagined and we know there is so much more for us to grow into, harnessing thriving change for the industry at large!

To celebrate this milestone we're going to host a LIVE Q&A on Instagram on Tuesday 22nd of November, at 5pm UK time.The core team, Nicola Hopkins (Founder), Trudy Gardner (Admin) and Sofía Luzón (Social) will be chatting all things intimate, technical and community as well as sharing our ideas and plans for the evolution of the Collective.

If you are curious about the Collective and would like to hear more of what it's about you are welcome to join us! You'll be able to ask your questions live or beforehand via Instagram: @ia_technical_collective_


17th October 2022

Environmenstrual Coalition

We are proud to announce and celebrate our membership of the Environmenstrual Coalition.

Working with the London based non profit organisation WEN, we are members of a group of businesses standing for healthy, sustainable, safe and affordable body and planet friendly menstrual products for all.

We are passionate about working with aligned brands to create intimate garments which support the health of the menstruating body. Our garment builds celebrate the wisdom of cyclical bleeding bodies and understand that by supporting these bodies we are also supporting nature and the planet, we are one and the same.

Furthermore,  through our partnership with 1% FOR THE PLANET, 1% of our income from product builds this year have been donated directly to WEN to further nourish and enrich this movement.

This week 17th-21st October 2022 is ENVIRONMENSTRUAL WEEK and the focus this year is on ending period shame- period poverty, cycle and reproductive health, continence and the persistence of stigma and taboo around menstruation.

Head over to @environmenstrual on Instagram to learn more about this movement and spread the word to amplify the conversation and join the revolution!

Read more about Wen's work at https://www.wen.org.uk





27th June 2022

Underlines Interview

Thank you for the interview this month UNDERLINES MAGAZINE!

Such a lovely chance to share about our journey through and out of the pandemic, the learnings along the way and our new community initiatives making waves throughout the Intimate Apparel product development sector.

For the full scoop, you can read the article at https://underlinesmagazine.com/2022/06/17/the-friday-interview/


27th May 2022

Pantee for designing out waste!

Super excited to shout out PANTEE this month for our client feature!

We connected with Pantee back in May 2020 when we were both part of an expert panel discussion for the Sustainable Fashion Collective, discussing starting an underwear brand, sustainable fabrics and the current opportunities in the Intimate Apparel sector.

PANTEE stand for a circular economy by taking pre consumer waste T-shirt stock (over production, cancelled orders etc.) and turning it into underwear. They design out the waste, ensuring all resources are kept in the system.

Pantee's fresh perspective and raw energy for innovating a way to use a waste element of the supply chain and turn it into a brand new and completely different product continues to inspire and galvanise us! Embodying the crux of true regenerative innovation and transformation by bringing two things together which before then had been entirely separate. It reminds us of the power of connections outside of our usual circles and systems and how the answer is not about creating or doing more of the same but looking at what we already have and changing our relationship to it.

" True innovation occurs when things are put together for the first time that had been separate " Arthur Koestler & John Smythies (1969)

Proud to have watched Pantee's journey and recognition in British Vogue, The Independent, Hello Magazine and more, we relished the opportunity to connect again with Pantee this year to support refining the fit and sizing of their now established favourite core lines.

As a fellow member of the 1% FOR THE PLANET movement and recently joining our ECOSYSTEM INCUBATOR in the 'Ones to Watch' category in the Drapers Sustainable Fashion awards, being able to collaborate in alignment and inject our technical expertise at just the right moment  is what we're all about!








8th March 2022

Standing for feminine leadership

It's International Women's Day and we are taking this opportunity to celebrate our belief and vision for personal and planetary healing by embracing feminine leadership.

The natural energy that flows through all humans is ONE with the planet and the natural world, the trees and the oceans. We have been taught for some time now that natural feminine and maternal qualities such as feeling, tenderness, nurturing, rage and passionate expression need to be made smaller and controlled. We have been taught to not be in our bodies, not to allow the natural flow and force of energy surging through us. When a human does this they can become traumatised, stuck, anxious and depressed. It is very painful to hold these energies internally and can lead to numbing or coping behaviours such as addictions, including over consumption. It is very difficult to give outwardly and love others and our planet when we are in survival mode.When we dismiss and oppress the feminine we are also dismissing Mother Nature. To value nature, we must first honour the feminine.

" Ecofeminism is an integral facet of the women's movement because it addresses the severing of women and Mother Nature and the exploration of both" Lissa Brown

Through our '1% for the Planet' commitment, we have donated to two fantastic organisations this year, who are working on the ground to ensure a positive and thriving change in our planetary issues by working directly and closely with women whose environments are being the most effected:


WEA is on a mission to protect our environment and end the climate crisis and ensure a just and thriving world by empowering women's leadership. In some of the most environmentally threatened places in the world, WEA leaders are defending forests and rivers, saving threatened indigenous seeds, launching sustainable farms, conserving coral reefs, and protecting land rights. The model identifies grassroots women leaders working on the frontlines to reverse climate change and protect their communities' natural resources, livelihoods, and health. WEA invest in their long-term leadership through training, funding, and networks of support. These women leaders spread their solutions to many others for years beyond project investments - creating a ripple effect that benefits women’s communities, regions, our Earth, and future generations.


Wen acts to achieve equality, justice and joy at the point where gender and environmental issues meet. They work both in London and nationally to support women and grass-root movements with the mission achieve environmental justice, and we do this through providing women with equal access to knowledge, resources and opportunities to better their day-to-day experience.

" We are either going to have a future where women lead the way to make peace with the Earth or we are not going to have a human future at all". Vandana Shiva



25th February 2022

The Ecosystem Incubator

Introducing the Ecosystem Incubator, a collaboration space for sustainable and regenerative fashion.

We connected with Rachel Sheila Kan, founder of the space and movement back in 2020 through our aligned ethos and vision for a fashion design and development industry with regenerated systems, working with the flow of life: with nature and our human nature as opposed to against it.

Bold Intimates has been an active contributor in building out the Intimate Apparel niche/'tree' ever since, alongside our peer Emmaline Vaughan Ronson of Source Lingerie. You can listen to both Nicola and Emmaline's podcasts in discussion with The Ecosystem Incubator now to learn more about the vision and to be a part of this growing niche branch of the Ecosystem.

In Nicola's podcast, she discusses in detail concepts of circularity, shifting mindsets and reconnection to the human experience as a starting point for building a new healthier future for us all and our planet. We are not stuck in the current systems that are not working, we can create and be a part of the emerging new systems, simply by tuning into what feels true for us.

We speak about our vision for the Intimate Apparel Technical Collective (our niche within a niche) and the power of making aligned and authentic connections that can then ripple out into the larger Intimate Apparel and fashion ecosystems.

" For a considered, holistic life and human centric approach to the industry delve in here, the birth of a new industry space is upon us"


To find out more about the Ecosystem Incubator in a collaborative networking setting you can join a 'try it on' intro session for your fashion business every Friday at 1.30pm GMT.

Go to theecosystemincubator.com for more details.






20th January 2022

The IA Technical Collective is born….

Towards the end of 2021 we began to feel strongly that we wanted to stand for empowering and regenerating the product development sector of the Intimate Apparel industry. We knew that there was more that could be done and there was still what felt like a lot of disconnect in the industry, especially between direct peers.

We set about building a network of like minded, conscious designers, pattern cutters, technicians and machinists from all areas of the industry and also the globe. We wanted to bring together aligned product creators who truly hold people and the planet and the core of their values and believe in the power of building intimate garments with authenticity, accuracy, integrity, trust and above all a human connection.

The Intimate Apparel Technical Collective was born and we met for the first time at our 'seed gathering' this month where the founding members were able to connect, introduce themselves and share ideas of what we want from this space.

Coming away truly inspired and galvanised by our peers, our goal now is to nurture this Collective of professionals for our niche skillset, to create a safe and welcoming space where we can connect, share, celebrate, collaborate and also ask for support!

We've set up monthly online gatherings where we have an opportunity for real time face to face connection and also a Slack group with channels for news, sharing, quick tech help and work opportunities so we can feel connected and supported on the move and whatever we are doing.

We believe deeply in the power of the feeling technician, who is able to combine technical precision with the full human experience to allow the flow of creativity to come to life in a supported and loving way and we recognise the importance of community to support a sustainable and thriving flow of life throughout the eco system that is the Intimate Apparel industry.

If you are an Intimate Apparel technical designer, technician, pattern cutter, grader or machinist and would like to hear more or join our next monthly online gathering, please do get in touch at hello@iatechnicalcollective.com

Whatever level of experience or particular strengths you have, we'd love to hear from you! Together we really are stronger.

Come curious.

Leave connected.







17th November 2021

COP 26- reconnect to our shared humanity

In the wake of the COP26 summit we are sitting with a range of emotions and reflecting on our core belief that how we feel and how we choose to show up in the world has the power to enact positive change.

We are reminded of the power of like minded connections and alignment and our drive to stand for taking responsibility for how we feel is stronger than ever. Whilst government and systemic policy is necessary and may not always be where we need it to be, we can drive actual change right now, every day, by fully expressing ourselves and remembering our shared humanity. Political representation is ultimately in service to this and we need the courage of individuals to continue to stand for what they believe to be true.

Understanding that how we personally feel determines our experience in the world and how we show up is not a new concept in building intimate apparel garments. We know that our undergarments play a special role in supporting us in our most intimate and vulnerable places. On some level we have always known that a bra wire digging in or an itchy gusset makes us feel uncomfortable, annoyed and restricted and in turn that impacts our relationship with that garment and ourselves and how we go about our day.

So with this knowing comes a great opportunity for Intimate Apparel designers to recognise the wearer's experience on an acute sensual and emotional level. Those designers and brands that can connect with this essence have the ability to create products which support, heal and guide real emotional and physical needs rather than continuing to fuel the current addictions to self image, validation, speed or low cost.

We can create products with so much value that they have the power to shape our day, on a level which even the consumer may not always be aware of. They can have the power to shift mindsets and halt purchases of anything which is less meaningful. This means designing with complete integrity, being so aligned with our emotional experience as creators and wearers that we use that to guide the products we bring into being.

Designers are used to working with constraints, what is being asked of us now is to shift the focus from the constraints of margin, profit and delivery deadlines to constraints required for personal, collective and planetary healing and evolution. Trust your instincts, your intuition, your unique humanness and let this flow through our industries, homes and communities and through the products you design and bring into being.

We have so much power if we choose to use it.

10th October 2021

Huha undies infused with zinc oxide

We are super excited to share that we have been working with HUHA underwear this year, who are based in Canada.

HUHA set out to revolutionise daily underwear by saying goodbye to synthetic fabrics which trap heat and moisture and leave us feeling hot, itchy and uncomfortable in our most sensitive areas.

HUHA underwear uses natural and renewable TENCEL lyocell and modal fibres, which have been certified as biodegradable and compostable under industrial, home, soil and marine conditions, thus they can fully revert back to nature, which we totally adore! Additionally the special green liner fabric is infused with mineral zinc oxide, which has natural healing, soothing and antibacterial properties. This means these undies are super soft, breathable and keep us cool and comfortable. As a result, we feel supported and confident to go about our day and for whatever emotions, challenges and opportunities present themselves.

After epic success with their key mineral styles: the Cheeky, Brief and Thong, HUHA reached out to us to support extending their range to more sizes and more styles. We are thrilled to have been able to help refine the styling, sizing, construction and fit as this brand rapidly grows, to ensure these garments fit like a glove for a broad size range of XXS- XXXL.

With a new 'Low Profile' Thong recently launched, this is a direction we are very excited about! We worked closely with the team to develop and elevate the construction of a more subtle, seamless style, which is ideal for wearing under tighter clothes, for being active or for when you want that second skin, invisible and enveloped feel.

A deep dive approach to exploring the sensual experience and requirements of daily underwear means that fabrics, elastics, trims, seams, stitches, sizing and style lines have all been developed with meticulous consideration, to ensure these are vulva loving garments, working effortlessly in flow with you and the earth.

HUHA have recently become stocked by Urban Outfitters and with many new styles in work we can't wait to see how this brand grows over the coming months and years. Watch this space! These undies are making waves and prove we can create beautiful and quality garments that feel amazing whilst working harmoniously with the human body and the planet.


"Working with Bold Intimates has been a dream come true! We had difficulty finding an expert who not only understood but also appreciated the sensitive nature of intimates-design. Since our main goal as a brand is to create intimates that are better suited to our sensitive regions, having Bold Intimates on board with their keen attention to detail and utmost care in fit and construction has been a match made in heaven. We've thoroughly enjoyed working with Nicola, she doesn't miss a beat! "

Alexa Suter, Founder at HUHA

27th August 2021

Introducing Cou Cou… comfy, cute, conscious

It is with great joy that we introduce Cou Cou Intimates to our portfolio and followers.

Launched this summer, Cou Cou set out to embrace the gap between our underwear and lingerie drawer and to re- imagine comfortable and cute daily underwear that is kind to our bodies and planet, embracing and celebrating the full embodied female experience.

Our product development journey with Cou Cou has been authentic, aligned and collaborative, which ultimately has allowed the creation of something unique and powerful with passion, truth and love.

Founder, Rose Colcord, has a unique ability to see and seek out fresh opportunities with a combination of holistic feeling and blue sky thinking. Her unbridled drive to create something that feels right in her heart and on her body is a true inspiration. To work alongside Rose as she learnt and compassionately navigated the traditional ways of the industry with new conscious and sustainable practices has been a gift of mutual learning.

Elevated, comfortable intimates were born using (GOTS certified) 100% organic cotton, beautifully delicate and soft pointelle and a romantic french lace trim. The core collection, available in white and black, encompasses refined and flattering shapes so while the cotton nurtures the skin with the rhythm of beauty and purity, allowing it to breathe and relax, the styles give us full expression to fearlessly step into the power of all that we are!

"Bold Intimates has been on the journey building Cou Cou since day one. We had a strong vision and high standards for the collection in wanting to bridge the gap between our lingerie and day underwear. Nicola not only played a key role in perfecting our bespoke material but her technical expertise, precision and attention represented a level of passion and enthusiasm which is hard to find. I cannot thank Bold Intimates enough for exceeding what I dreamed of for the core collection and for truly believing in Cou Cou from the beginning "

Rose Colcord, Founder at COU COU INTIMATES


19th June 2021

Climate Neutral..what’s it all about?

Being 'Climate Neutral', reducing our Carbon impact. What does this really mean for fashion brands?

Currently the planet has too much carbon dioxide in it's atmosphere, which is the main factor in the heating up of the planet. Humans have abused the earth's natural carbon sources, through increased fossil fuel extraction for energy, transport and to power industry, thus releasing huge amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Further more, we have depleted the earth's natural ability to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by not taking care of our natural carbon sinks such as forests, soils and the oceans.

So what can the fashion industry do to change and make an impact fast!? Being aligned with Government policy and regularity profession bodies working for a positive change at a systemic level is an important factor in reducing carbon emissions but unfortunately it’s not working fast enough! The choices and collaboration of brands, suppliers, producers and consumers TODAY can help to accelerate emission reductions by bringing awareness to our supply chain and how we work together.

The fashion industry accounts for approx. 4% of greenhouse gas emissions and when this is broken down into sectors, 70% of the emissions are from UPSTREAM activities. This means supply chain, including RAW MATERIAL PRODUCTION + PROCESSING. (globalfashionagenda , 2020). Whilst achieving comprehensive, accurate information and transparency in this area can be challenging for designers and buyers, we know that yarn preparation, dyeing, finishing and fibre production tend to be the most carbon intensive phases.

Many fashion brands overlook their responsibility and impact on these areas and focus on accountability for their own operations (such as office, transport, retail) only. To really be making a maximum and immediate impact towards climate action, brands need to bring awareness and accountability to carbon emissions throughout all operations, including material source and production.

Start up brands, although have the huge challenge of learning a lot, quickly, are actually very well placed to be able to make a clear, conscious impact without the ways of the 'old systems' holding them back. Supply chains can be considered thoroughly from the beginning and authentic, transparent and sustainable partnerships with suppliers established. New and small brands can learn and adapt quicker to the current opportunities and limitations to embrace a carbon neutral supply chain, thus setting themselves up for sustainability and longevity.

Micro and small businesses make up over 99% of businesses in the UK and by watching how they are operating through the current challenges, we can get vital insights which governments can then have the opportunity to cement into policy.

For further reading, check out:

@beclimateneutral : provides tools and a framework to help brands to measure and offset and reduce their emissions, including upstream supply chain (see Scope 3 criteria).

@fash_rev : the global movement for a fashion industry that values people and planet over profit. Fantastic source for providing clear facts and communication tools.

@sustainable_fashion_collective : a holistic and expert members club offering vast and in depth resources on all areas of sustainable fashion. Particularly great for start ups and entrepreneurs looking to learn about what’s involved in starting a brand and how best to approach it in the most eco responsible way.

@thesustainableangle : support projects with a focus on sustainability in fabrics and textiles and founders of #futurefabricsexpo 22 June- 2 July 2021! A fantastic in person and virtual destination for clear and educational information on sustainable materials, networking and advice, with supplier insight.