22nd February 2021

Guest Designer for Concepts Paris

The 'Interfiliere Connect' lingerie industry sourcing trade show is in full swing and the Concepts Paris AW22/23 trend book has arrived and it's truly inspirational!

As we eagerly peel back the pages, we consider and reflect upon the authentic and fruitful conversations we have had this passed year and bask in the warm sensation of our community and what we can create together.

We are deeply honoured to have been asked by Jos Berry and Concepts Paris to be the guest designer for this season as we collectively imagine and bring forward new ideas for creating Intimate Apparel in a post Covid landscape.

In response to the Concepts Paris theme of 'Workwear', we presented the important relationship between how we feel and what we choose to wear. We propose that the pandemic era has increased awareness of our range of human emotions and what we need to balance them. We recognise the need for our daily intimate garments to be multi functional, identifying both physical and emotional needs and offering supportive solutions. We show how each material, pattern and construction choice can be considered with explicit intention in order to add up to a full and meaningful experience for the wearer, ensuring garments will be loved and will last.

It is our belief at Bold Intimates that supporting the human experience and our full range of emotions is integral to sustainable health for individuals, communities and our impact on the planet and our purpose is to achieve this through conscious and precise intimate product builds.

We hope you all enjoy the book as much as we do and have a wonderful sourcing and networking season.

11th February 2021

Colour and Sustainability

As technical specialists, we admit that colour is not the primary focus of our work at Bold Intimates, however we are acutely aware of it’s importance and magic!

Colour means something and is experienced in a unique and subjective way by each individual who witnesses it. Colour is not used randomly, it is strategically and passionately selected by designers and artists to stir and connect to an emotion. When we feel creativity deeply, whether it be through art, music or fashion, our hair stands on end. We have engagement and a clarity which brings emotional satisfaction and well being. We believe supporting and nurturing our range of emotions in this way is integral for sustainable health of humans as individuals, our communities and ultimately our impact on the planet. Therefore is it not the soul purpose of the designer to feel an emotion so vividly that the consumer can connect with it?

“ With colour one obtains an energy that seems to stem from witchcraft”  Henri Matisse

So we arrive at the current dilemma, we are hearing a huge frustration amongst Intimate Apparel designers regarding using colour in a responsible way. There is an increasing and alarming awareness that most synthetic materials (and some natural ones!) use chemical dyes which can be toxic and hazardous to both human health and the environment. Alongside this there is the knowledge that we already have a surplus of existing materials available, without producing new ones. Both designers and consumers know they want to make sustainable choices and they also deeply desire to feel something about the product they are investing in.

Designers too often feel that there is a choice to be made between the desired aesthetic and human and planet health. Many mainstream recycled or natural fibre based materials still have a very limited colour offering and with large production minimums and most still use chemical dyes. Natural dyes are often approached with apprehension with a lack of confidence around the palette, the visual possibilities as well as the colour fastness and performance. Essentially, there is currently not enough accessible and transparent information and choice when it comes to sustainable colour for the designer (and ultimately the consumer) to be satiated in their creative process and consequently we are seeing a breakdown of connection between passion and sustainability.

“We have researched natural dyes but have been told by others in the industry that the colour fastness isn’t very good, which in turn encourages the customer to chuck the lingerie, which of course is the least sustainable thing to do."  Georgia Larsen, Founder & Director at Dora Larsen.

As with all sustainability issues, we can only start from where we are today and bring awareness to it. We want to invite this conversation into our community and urge lingerie and swim designers to talk to suppliers and material producers from the heart and with curiosity, consideration and expansion. To work together to explore alternatives for positive growth as we have proven over the last year we are hugely capable of.

Don’t be afraid to ask your material and dye suppliers what systems they have in place to manage their chemical risk and to comply with current regulations and accreditations.  Look out for responsible labelling schemes such as Blue sign, Oekotex and GOTS which work with companies to implement chemical controls and minimise their effluent output. Many suppliers are well underway in innovating non toxic substances and processes who would be delighted to discuss it with you.

Additionally we are seeing a strong resurgence of skilled natural dyers who can work with a variety of raw materials and plant and agricultural ingredients using non-toxic and regenerative dyeing processes. An expert natural dyer is able to create unique recipes, specific to each material and product specification, considering colour, application, visual effect, performance and fastness using ancient techniques. Natural dyeing is a heritage craft with colours proven to last centuries when treated correctly and we are so excited to be seeing the growth in interest, market availability as well as the talented people who know how to use them.

“Inspiring radically positive activism through natural materials & colours"   Botanical Inks natural dye studio, Bristol.

As the demand and appetite increases across the wider industry safer coloured materials will become more available, with more choice and with less restrictive minimums, prices and knowledge gaps. It will take strong, passionate and authentic communication from brands to tell this new non toxic message and story to the consumer. The good news is that we are undergoing a global collective shift and currently there is not only a raw and open mindedness which is unique to this time but there is a real returning appreciation for the colours nature gives us.

Special thanks to all the wonderful pioneering brands and designers we have spoken to who opened the space for authentic conversation around colour and sustainability challenges and to the inspiring natural dyers and artisans for energising us to the possibilities of sustainable, natural colour.

30th November 2020

Bleed red, think green!

What a year for period care! A topic very close to our hearts and vaginas!

We've seen tampon tax be abolished in the UK and Scotland become the first country in the world to allow free and universal access to menstrual products, including tampons and pads, in public facilities, a landmark victory for the global movement against period poverty.

Doing our own bit for period care evolution, during lockdown 1.0 we used our technical knowledge for intimates design and passion for conscious product to work closely with DAME and their community to develop a re-usable period pad for the 21st Century.

Softer, drier and thinner than anything you would have seen before, we are incredibly proud to have been part of the journey to create a conscious, modern solution not only for period care and feminine health but in the fight against period plastic waste.

In the UK alone, 2.1 million single use pads are flushed down toilets every day! That’s 766 million pads a year - or - the equivalent of 3 billion plastic bags ending up in our water ways and finally oceans! Making the switch to reusable pads has never been more important.


" Nicola and the Bold Intimates team have been amazing at helping to bring our product to life. Always organised and structured and helped guide us through making a product that we didn't have a huge amount of experience with. Their expertise and rigorous eye for detail has meant we've ended up with something we are really proud of and that customers have been loving. Timings were always as advised and they were very transparent with deliverables and capacity of the team vs what we needed. I really can't recommend Bold Intimates enough, it's been a joy working together! "

Anna Williamson, New Product Development Manager at DAME


1st September 2020

Biondi Eco Swimwear

The Biondi London collection, launched in 2013 by former Harvey Nichols buyer, Claudine Davies, has always been synonymous with superlative craftmenship and exemplary fit. Producing high quality pieces encouraging conscious consumption and creating classic and beautiful fashion that will be loved and treasured for years to come!

This summer we celebrate the introduction of Eco fabrics to the swimwear collection, with fabrics made using 82% ECONYL yarns, made from recycled fishing nets and industrial plastic waste. After these nylon plastics have reached the end of their useful life they are recovered, regenerated and transformed by Aquafil into ECONYL, with guaranteed same performance as the original virgin nylon yarns. The new regenerated swim styles sit alongside Biondi's Ready-to-wear collection which is made using natural fibres such as linen, organic cotton and silk.

For Biondi, sustainability means ethical manufacture, everything made by people who are treated fairly, with respect and who are paid well for what they do. Whether manufacturing takes place in the UK, Italy or India, production runs are kept small to keep the carbon footprint as low as possible. Products are made from sustainably-grown or recycled materials, using low impact processes.

Bold Intimates are proud to be a part of Biondi's product development journey to establish responsible and regenerative sourcing routes and ensuring impeccable technical attention to detail to create the most elevated of product fit and feel, meaning these garments continue to feel good and do good!


" Bold Intimates' technical expertise is second to none, they can quickly translate our innovative ideas into viable designs. Nicola is quick to understand brand positioning and concepts and communicates with our team efficiently and effectively. Nicola is excellent in fitting sessions and always knows how to fix a pattern that is causing us fit problems. I  love that she has a strong creative side too and we can get valuable input on the aesthetics of the design at the same time. Furthermore, they are passionate about responsible and regenerative sourcing and have been crucial in assisting us with our eco strategy. I highly recommend Bold Intimates who go above and beyond to help the brands they work with "

Claudine Davies, director at BIONDI.



31st August 2020

Closing the Plastic Loop

Plastic pollution is one of the most pressing environmental issues our planet is facing as the current demand and production of disposable plastic materials is overwhelming the natural worlds ability to deal with them.

It is estimated that 63% of all garments are made from synthetic, plastic fibres (Ellen MacArthur Foundation) such as polyester, which not only are reliant on fossil fuel extraction, but take centuries to break down and release toxic chemicals back into our soils and waters. Furthermore, every time we wash synthetic garments, such as swimwear, small micro plastics are released in the machine and into our water ways causing immense damage to marine life and vital eco systems.

A 2017 report from the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) estimated that 35% of all micro plastics in the ocean come from the laundering of synthetic textiles. One piece of polyester clothing can release 700,000 fibers in a single wash. These microplastic fibers are so small that they pass through the sewage treatment works and they tend to accumulate and act like sponges, soaking up all the toxic elements around them. Many fish and other aquatic animals swallow them, and if those animals eat them, we do too. This combined with pollution emitted during the production process makes fashion one of the most polluting industries in the world.

The plastic issue is so vast and complex within the fashion industry that a multi pronged approach is required to tackling it. The responsibility starts with designers as our vision prescribes which materials are used and how products are created. We have a choice to consider where the raw materials are coming from, are they sustainable and where can we use recycled/recovered/regenerated materials that would otherwise be wasted and harmful to the environment. For swimwear and sportswear, where synthetic fibres have the benefit of providing increased performance, strength, stretch and breathability (and therefore increase garment longevity, which in turn reduces the environmental impact), we can seek to use recycled and regenerated yarns, ensuring that no virgin synthetic fibres are being produced and we are circulating the existing plastic and keeping it out of the environment.

Only 9% of the plastic ever made has been recycled. (R.Geyer, J. Jambeck, et al, 2017 SHIFT) which means there is still a lot out there that can be re-used!

Aftercare of synthetic garments has a HUGE part to play also, in fact the biggest impact of clothing on the environment happens after we get them home! As well as loving, repairing, re-useing and sharing garments we can also reduce the environmental impact considerably by the way we wash them. It is not necessary to machine wash swimwear after every wear, rinsing in water or soaking in an eco wash before hanging to dry is sufficient (we love the CLOTHES DOCTOR Eco wash No.5, specifically designed for synthetic and performance fabrics) and by being careful with suncream application we can extend the time we can wear swimwear for before it needs to be washed. When garments are finally ready to be machine washed, keeping the temperature cool helps the fabrics to last longer (heat breaks down fibres) and also saves energy being used for the cycle. Washing your clothes with cold water on a quick cycle uses half the energy of washing warm. Using a bag (such as GUPPYBAG) helps to reduce and catch micro plastic particles that would be otherwise be released into the machine.

Finally, there are some incredible companies and teams out there dedicated to cleaning our oceans, rivers and coastlines everyday, why not consider how you can directly support and give back to these communities. 4OCEAN is a fellow One percent for the Planet member and is a professional clean up crew which have removed over 10 million pounds of plastic from the oceans in 3 years! WASTE FREE OCEANS is a non-profit dedicated to collecting, sorting and transforming ocean plastics into brand new meaningful products, thus mitigating the impact on the environment and natural resources!

With swimwear season well underway, albeit at a modest pace compared to previous recent years, we have an opportunity to pause and fundamentally and systemically reconsider the way we design, produce and consume plastics as well as taking responsibility for what happens post consumer: a transition towards a circular economy for plastic in which it never becomes waste or pollution.

18th August 2020

Masterclass in Producing a Responsible Underwear Line

We have collaborated with the Sustainable Fashion Collective to create a Masterclass packed with technical tutorials that give a step by step guide to creating and producing an Underwear line responsibly.

We share knowledge and insights into sustainable sourcing and precise and mindful pattern cutting, sizing, fitting, grading and sewing. As always, our approach to building intimate garments places the focus on the body and the human experience and comes from a place of authentic consideration, slow fashion and integrity. Combined with our extensive industry experience and technical know-how, these tutorials will help guide and inspire anyone looking to build an elevated meaningful experience into their intimate garments.

We are joined in this Masterclass by passionate female founders Maina Cisse of THE UNDERARGUMENT, Kristen Anderson of KRSTN NDRS , Primrose Matheson of BEDSTRAW AND MADDER and Stephanie Devine of THE VERY GOOD BRA,  all of which have grown powerful and conscious underwear businesses based on their own personal experience, strong values and a lot of trial and error.

These lessons, tips and discussions are a fantastic insight for anyone starting an underwear label and are available to all professional member of the Sustainable Fashion Collection, where you will find an absolutely vast amount of valuable and transparent industry knowledge. We love being part of this like-minded community, sharing advice, techniques, ideas and experiences, creating a greater accessibility and visibility across the sustainable fashion space. Together we really are stronger.

20th July 2020

1% for the Planet

We have joined the global movement and commitment to our planet to be 1% better.

As we believe that no product should be created without positively effecting our planet and communities, alongside consciously creating garments at each stage of the product development journey, we donate the equivalent of 1% of all revenue to 1% for the Planet, so that every piece of work we do and every garment we build has a direct impact for non-profit organisations on the ground making a real difference.

1% for the Planet connects those that want to take action with those doing it, to ensure a thriving future for our planet and generations to come.

We are showing up, listening, learning and fighting for a better future where the clothes we design, build and wear exist in a cherished union with our planet. We will keep you updated on the partnerships we make and our donations in action!

For more information and to join the movement, head to onepercentfortheplanet.org @1percentftp

#BeOnePercentBetter #CreateOnePercentBetter


30th June 2020

We, the curious & the future

This month we are proud as punch to have been invited by Jos Berry at Eurovet's Interfiliere to join one of their weekly webinar talks, with the spotlight on designers!

With a sense of movement and creative juices rippling through the industry and new ideas rising, it feels like exactly the right time to be connecting with our peers to share curiosities, concerns, challenges and visions for the future of the Intimate Apparel industry.

We discussed the importance of re-connecting with our humanness and creative soul and passion to bring meaning back to our products and development systems. Can we bring with us our learnings from the challenges of coronavirus times, the re-connection to our bodies, emotions and the natural world and allow these to guide us rather than margin and the strict and tired fashion systems we are used to.

We recognised the success of new, start up brands and how well they connect with their audience and pioneer more sustainable and responsible product from a place of story telling and meaning. Can the rest of the industry learn from this fresh and more holistic approach, building seasonless products that not only seduce the heart but speak to the consumers soul and mind. The consumer is ready, waiting and demanding us to design from a present place of human experience, rather than trying to shoehorn eco products into broken systems and fast fashion calendars. The consumer knows that investing in what you really love and believe in is the new measure of social and environmental responsibility.

Ultimately we celebrated that we have what we need, a vast pool of skills, talents, networks and systems already exist and with a rapidly advancing digital era we have speedy access to them. We recognised the need to cherish each-other and respect each person and process involved in creating product. We understand how a meaningful and functioning system is a community and we must lift each other up. The power of authentic connection, alignment, transparency and collaboration will allow us to elevate our souls, designs and impact.

Here's to bringing back the magic, but not the circus!


Watch the full talk online https://youtu.be/qkFBE0E12W4




21st May 2020

Eco underwear panel discussion

We are proud and passionate members of the Sustainable Fashion Collective, a collaborative community sharing holistic guidance and expert advice for creating ethical fashion, dedicated to constantly being conscious of our practices and seeking out new ways to be responsible

This week we were totally thrilled to join their monthly networking event, in the form of an online expert panel discussion on Eco underwear and lingerie, alongside conscious underwear brands THE UNDERARGUMENT (empowering our uniqueness through the lingerie that we wear and pioneers of 'The Anti-Casting') and PANTEE (turning pre-consumer rejected t shirt stocks, otherwise destined for landfill or incineration, into stylish underwear).

We delved into the current consumer mindset, the type of materials we want against our most intimate areas, as well as considering the challenges and opportunities of starting an eco lingerie brand in the current climate, including responsible material sourcing, sustainable practices, sizing and inclusivity.

Collectively championing slow and considered product development, integrity and authenticity, it was an absolute dream to connect with these like minded brands on our mission and message.

The chat is still available to view on YouTube until the end of May and after that the content will form part of the Sustainable Fashion Collective’s Underwear Masterclass coming later in the year!

Some really great insights for anyone looking to start a lingerie brand or wanting to learn more about eco underwear product development!

23rd April 2020

Extending the life of intimate garments

It’s fashion revolution week and we are reminded of the impact that our culture of fast fashion, consumption and disposability has on the planet. We buy 60% more clothing than we did 15 years ago, and only wear it for half as long! This trend continues to drive over 10% of global carbon emissions, 92 million tonnes of landfill waste and 20% of all industrial water pollution worldwide!

WRAP advises that by wearing an item of clothing for an extra 9 months you can reduce its overall carbon, water and waste footprints by 20-30%.

As designers and producers, we have a responsibility to re-invent how garments are designed and to create smarter products that will last and bring real value to the wearer. We are being called to create season-less products that perform, feel great and are aligned with our consumers’ needs. This means investing in quality materials and workmanship, produced with integrity, but it also means designing with simplicity and function in mind. Solution driven features such as a classic and supportive fit or built in adjustability will promote comfort and versatility and create a more engaged and positive experience for the wearer, therefore extending the amount of time the garment is worn for.

We also strongly believe in championing after care of our products, to cherish and refresh garments that already exist and to keep them out of landfills. For more intimate garments such as underwear and swimwear, which are worn directly against the skin and may pick up additional stains and odours, there are specific solutions available.

For underwear and swimwear, we would recommend washing on a cool machine wash (max. 30 degrees) and using a bag, such as GUPPYFRIEND to catch microplastic particles that are shed from synthetic materials and would otherwise end up in the ocean. For bras, handwashing ensures delicate fabrics are preserved and prevents trims and components such as underwires coming loose or snagging other areas of the garments. It also ensures minimal colour fading and cross staining therefore bras stay brighter and fresher in appearance for longer.

We love the CLOTHES DOCTOR Eco washes, made with plant-derived ingredients in the UK and recommend their No.4 wash for hand washing lingerie. It contains an all-natural formula which cleanses, refreshes and renews delicate garments, and is particularly great for nourishing and restoring natural fibres such as silk. For swimwear and sportswear, their No.5 wash is ideal, it has been engineered with leading sports brands to be the first natural sportswear wash. Its fresh formula helps odors, bacteria, and fungal spores be destroyed with natural ingredients such as tea tree, lemon grass and eucalyptus.

We want our consumers to wear their garments until they fall apart and when they can’t be worn anymore to be mindful of how the materials can be reused or recycled. There are some great initiatives around for intimate garments to ensure the materials are re-used rather than ending up in landfills.

BRAVISSIMO run a bra recycling scheme in their UK stores and any old or unwanted bras can be brought here. The bras are then sent to SOEX a recycling provider, who focus on innovative ways to recycle and prolong the life of textiles. If the bras can be worn again they are distributed to women in need around the world. If they are beyond wear the bras are broken down and the different parts separated for re-cycling and re-use. As well as promoting circularity of textiles to our consumers this is also a great way for designers, brands and retailers to dispose of old fit, sales and press samples at the end of each season!

Please note sadly Bravissimo stores are currently shut due to the COVID-19 situation but hang on to those donations until collections can resume!

15th April 2020

A boost for considered simplicity in construction

Over the last month many of us have been adapting to staying at home, stripping back anything that isn’t essential and re-connecting with our basic needs and values. There is a heightened awareness and concern for health, comfort and cash flow as well as our individual impact on the communities and world around us. The benefits of a simpler and considered life are becoming clearer and the importance of conscious, functional and trusted services and products paramount.

With more time to pay attention to brands and a desire for a meaningful experience and impact, a brand’s ethics and vision and a product’s performance have become just as important as aesthetics and cost. Consumers are looking for quality, comfort and long-lasting garments from brands they can rely on and the benefits of slow, considered and authentic design and manufacturing are being celebrated.

Brands that are best positioned to do well in this space are the ones with a clear, honest and simple message, removing any confusion or unnecessary complexity of design, sourcing, systems or marketing. Brands that build products based on integrity, craftsmanship and care and offer solutions whilst being transparent with their processes will come out on top.

Contemporary underwear brand NUDEA, who champion ‘expertly crafted design for everyday performance and comfort with no overhyped technology and no shortcuts’, have reported a 60% increase in sales compared to February of this year.

As designers and innovators, we are reminded that all products and constructs, even those that appear complex, are made up of a number of simple elements, all of which the wearer will experience on some level. Whether it be stitch tension, wire strength, softness of handle or precision of fit, by being mindful of each separate part, component and process and explicit in it's purpose we can create and restore genuine value into our garments and the wearer's experience.

12th March 2020

Sustainability networking with Sistr

The stars aligned this week, the same day the tampon tax was abolished (about bloody time right!?)we were connected with some amazing brands pioneering conscious, authentic and responsible change in period care, a cause which is close to our hearts and a conversation we are passionate to be involved in.

DAME are creators of the first reusable tampon applicator and believe that every woman should have access to period products free from toxins, discomfort and negative language and that those products shouldn’t damage or exploit our natural world. Their award-winning applicator is self- sanitising, lasts for life and is carbon neutral.

FAB LITTLE BAG has invented a disposable, biodegradable and discreet little bag that you can drop your used tampon or pad into and then seal securely with one hand, avoiding the stress of being caught without a bin and keeping tampons out of our sewers. It is estimated that 2.5 million tampons and 1.4 million pads are flushed in the UK alone EVERY DAY, ending up on our beaches, oceans and food chains, (not to mention blocking our bathroom pipes!)

Please please check out these fantastic brands, TALK ABOUT PERIODS and BIN- DON’T FLUSH your period products!

This sustainability networking panel event was led by The Sistr App. Sistr is a platform that re-imagines the world of networking and mentoring by giving women access to a community of inspiring and supportive peers and friends, no matter your industry, age, education or social status, Sistr believes we are stronger when we support each other, and so do we!

6th March 2020

Nature, Technology and Sensitivity at the heart of Colombo Antonio’s vision

Tessitura Colombo Antonio S.r.l is a fully vertical producer of lace in Northern Italy, with all stages of lace production managed within the company using the latest generation and avant-garde technologies. Their fundamental values are based on the philosophy of sustainability and since 1997 the manufacturing plant uses 100% renewable solar energy and all water is internally recycled. The company is certified with STANDARD 100 by OEKO- TEX.

Colombo Antonio are pioneers in Eco- Laces, with their collection being available since 2015, with designs 100% made from regenerated polyamide and elastane. This month we have passionately dived into the new ‘Natural Dye Collection’. Colouring agents are 100% derived from plants, fruits and insect waste and are available in a soft, sensual and pure pastel palette of 7 shades. The freshness of the colours and the softness of the lace really is incredible and unlike the eco materials of bygone days. We can’t wait to share these with our clients and create some uniquely beautiful and responsible Eco- friendly garments.

“Nature”, “Technology” and “Sensitivity” are the 3 keywords that Tessitura Colombo puts at the center of its vision and we couldn’t feel more aligned!

13th February 2020

We are thrilled to be supporting TOTM

TOTM are an ethical and sustainable period care brand with a mission to tackle period plastic and end the silence surrounding menstruation.

We are proud to call TOTM our friends and clients because we really believe in what they are doing.One step at a time they are reducing the amount of single use plastics used in menstrual products, that means less plastic waste and less plastic washing up on our beaches.Their tampons, pads and liners are made with GOTS certified organic cotton, grown without toxic pesticides and using sustainable farming methods. The vagina is one of the most sensitive parts of the body and so it’s really important what we put down there! For too long, periods have been surrounded by stigma and shame and TOTM are using their platform to get everyone talking about periods and to raise awareness of issues that are impacting lives.

TOTM are crowdfunding to expand their organic and reusable ranges while growing distribution to get environmentally friendly period care into more workplaces.

Head to the crowdfunding page for more info and to show your support: www.crowdcube.com/companies/totm/pitches/b3nrGZ


“We chose to work with Bold Intimates as they took the time to fully understand what we were looking to create and why and how integral it is to us as a brand that everything we do is both ethical and sustainable. We loved how Bold Intimates reflect these values and put them at the forefront of everything they do”

Alexandra Patience, Social and Content Executive at TOTM

29th January 2020

Sustainable Angle’s Future Fabrics Expo

This month we attended the Sustainable Angle’s Future Fabrics Expo, the largest dedicated showcase of globally sourced, commercially available, sustainably and responsibly produced fabrics and materials. With thousands of textiles to browse through, inviting and engaging seminars and an Innovation Hub featuring emerging technologies and designs we loved the fresh and galvanizing energy of re-generation and collaboration and the timing was perfect for the start of a new year and our re-brand launch.

Alongside the creative design inspiration there was also the space for deep consideration, engagement and learning with very well displayed visual presentations on the relationship between fashion and food supply chains and agricultural processes. Soil health plays such a crucial part in sustainability of the whole planet and eco-system. Regenerative agriculture processes create a thick layer of topsoil, full of nutrients, to help future crops thrive and aiding carbon sequestration from the atmosphere, building resilience to climate change and championing biodiversity!

We left the Expo with immense gratitude for having this space to reflect and a feeling of unity throughout the fashion industry and accessibility to authentic and responsible supply chains.

3rd January 2020

Same service, but a new look!

We are excited and energised to start 2020 and launch our new brand identity, which embraces the duality of our business, Precision….naturally!

Strength in technical accuracy and innovation is at the core of our skillset and our mission has always been to apply this using integrity, authenticity and transparency. Alongside this we believe a conscious human connection to each other and our planet is vital for our well-being and to be able to thrive in and protect the natural world. It is through combining this natural and human essence with our expert knowledge of construction, fit and performance that we can really elevate our products and create genuine positive impact and value.

Thank you to Robin Powell and IDEAS FOR for helping us to form a clear vision from our melting pot of values and to develop this into our new logo and identity.