We are super excited to share that we have been working with HUHA underwear this year, who are based in Canada.

HUHA set out to revolutionise daily underwear by saying goodbye to synthetic fabrics which trap heat and moisture and leave us feeling hot, itchy and uncomfortable in our most sensitive areas.

HUHA underwear uses natural and renewable TENCEL lyocell and modal fibres, which have been certified as biodegradable and compostable under industrial, home, soil and marine conditions, thus they can fully revert back to nature, which we totally adore! Additionally the special green liner fabric is infused with mineral zinc oxide, which has natural healing, soothing and antibacterial properties. This means these undies are super soft, breathable and keep us cool and comfortable. As a result, we feel supported and confident to go about our day and for whatever emotions, challenges and opportunities present themselves.

After epic success with their key mineral styles: the Cheeky, Brief and Thong, HUHA reached out to us to support extending their range to more sizes and more styles. We are thrilled to have been able to help refine the styling, sizing, construction and fit as this brand rapidly grows, to ensure these garments fit like a glove for a broad size range of XXS- XXXL.

With a new 'Low Profile' Thong recently launched, this is a direction we are very excited about! We worked closely with the team to develop and elevate the construction of a more subtle, seamless style, which is ideal for wearing under tighter clothes, for being active or for when you want that second skin, invisible and enveloped feel.

A deep dive approach to exploring the sensual experience and requirements of daily underwear means that fabrics, elastics, trims, seams, stitches, sizing and style lines have all been developed with meticulous consideration, to ensure these are vulva loving garments, working effortlessly in flow with you and the earth.

HUHA have recently become stocked by Urban Outfitters and with many new styles in work we can't wait to see how this brand grows over the coming months and years. Watch this space! These undies are making waves and prove we can create beautiful and quality garments that feel amazing whilst working harmoniously with the human body and the planet.


"Working with Bold Intimates has been a dream come true! We had difficulty finding an expert who not only understood but also appreciated the sensitive nature of intimates-design. Since our main goal as a brand is to create intimates that are better suited to our sensitive regions, having Bold Intimates on board with their keen attention to detail and utmost care in fit and construction has been a match made in heaven. We've thoroughly enjoyed working with Nicola, she doesn't miss a beat! "

Alexa Suter, Founder at HUHA