In the wake of the COP26 summit we are sitting with a range of emotions and reflecting on our core belief that how we feel and how we choose to show up in the world has the power to enact positive change.

We are reminded of the power of like minded connections and alignment and our drive to stand for taking responsibility for how we feel is stronger than ever. Whilst government and systemic policy is necessary and may not always be where we need it to be, we can drive actual change right now, every day, by fully expressing ourselves and remembering our shared humanity. Political representation is ultimately in service to this and we need the courage of individuals to continue to stand for what they believe to be true.

Understanding that how we personally feel determines our experience in the world and how we show up is not a new concept in building intimate apparel garments. We know that our undergarments play a special role in supporting us in our most intimate and vulnerable places. On some level we have always known that a bra wire digging in or an itchy gusset makes us feel uncomfortable, annoyed and restricted and in turn that impacts our relationship with that garment and ourselves and how we go about our day.

So with this knowing comes a great opportunity for Intimate Apparel designers to recognise the wearer's experience on an acute sensual and emotional level. Those designers and brands that can connect with this essence have the ability to create products which support, heal and guide real emotional and physical needs rather than continuing to fuel the current addictions to self image, validation, speed or low cost.

We can create products with so much value that they have the power to shape our day, on a level which even the consumer may not always be aware of. They can have the power to shift mindsets and halt purchases of anything which is less meaningful. This means designing with complete integrity, being so aligned with our emotional experience as creators and wearers that we use that to guide the products we bring into being.

Designers are used to working with constraints, what is being asked of us now is to shift the focus from the constraints of margin, profit and delivery deadlines to constraints required for personal, collective and planetary healing and evolution. Trust your instincts, your intuition, your unique humanness and let this flow through our industries, homes and communities and through the products you design and bring into being.

We have so much power if we choose to use it.