Congratulations PAMBA on the launch of your synthetic free plant dyed underwear collection!

A simply beautiful and unique combination of soft and textured bamboo terry towelling emersed in the ancient and natural supportive qualities of plants, not to mention their beautiful colour palette!

Pamba is one of the brands disrupting the chemical dye industry in fashion by restoring artisanal natural dye practice to our most intimate garments, ensuring not only non-toxicity but breathability, anti-bacterial, soothing and medicinal qualities which can actually benefit the skin in our intimate areas. With our skin being the bodies largest organ and highly absorptive, surely there is much more to be explored here!

The style pictured here uses the Indigo plant which has active ingredients which can provide anti- inflammatory relief and helps to flush away toxins. During the Edo period, Japan's Samurai wore a layer of indigo dyed cotton beneath their armour to help heal injuries!

It was a true inspiration to support Pamba with their product development journey last year and witness their passion for the restoration of our connection to Mother Earth.

As we heal the earth she can heal us.