Sustainability as a concept and a reality is ever evolving and we were thrilled to have the opportunity to chat with VOGUE NL this month to re-visit how we as practitioners can be building the most meaningful and positively impactful intimate garments. Plus in turn, share advice to consumers who may be feeling confused regarding how to be sustainable when buying Intimate apparel.

It's important we, as an industry, continue to highlight and speak about the current product development and production landscape and how this may be different from other items of clothing and products. What are the unique sustainability challenges we face for Intimates and how can we make small changes individually and collectively to steer things in a healthy and long lasting direction and to empower consumers to do the same.

The question we posed to consumers was "If this is the only piece of lingerie you buy this year, would you still buy it?" One that invites both consumers and creators to consider what value a piece may have in their life and their personal reasons for choosing it. How can we create and buy less and better?


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