Partnering with NETHERLIN was one of the easiest decisions we have ever made! From our first conversation with Ally & Kelsey, we were aligned on our passion to elevate and bring back care, consideration, quality and elevation into how we design, build and produce our most intimate and trusted of daily garments

Netherlin believe that our 'top drawer' should be shaped by the ever evolving needs of our bodies and lives and offer garments which really make us feel comfortable and supported in our own skin as we go about our day.

The Movement Collection is the freshly launched debut range and consists of a smooth and seamless line of 'active' underwear, designed for really any type of physical activity. This second skin fabric is soft, lightweight, aerated, quick drying and embedded with mineral fibres to keep us cool and comfortable! Not forgetting, Oeko-tex certified to ensure no harmful chemicals have been used throughout the supply chain.

We really enjoyed working with Netherlin, a brand which combines intuition with innovation, to ask the big questions about the smallest of details. Every millimetre of these garments have been considered and engineered and tested so we can't wait to hear your feedback!

Behind the scenes, we are working on a range of Collections with Netherlin tailored to every part of your watch this space!


" Nicola is an absolute gem in the intimate apparel space and has become an integral part of our team. Her expertise in the intricacies of garment development & production paired with her incredibly calming demeanor creates a wonderful space for collaboration. Nicola really takes her time to hear our vision while providing thoughtful guidance and support throughout every step of the process. "

Ally Carroll & Kelsey Anderson,  Co-Founders of NETHERLIN