This month we are proud as punch to have been invited by Jos Berry at Eurovet's Interfiliere to join one of their weekly webinar talks, with the spotlight on designers!

With a sense of movement and creative juices rippling through the industry and new ideas rising, it feels like exactly the right time to be connecting with our peers to share curiosities, concerns, challenges and visions for the future of the Intimate Apparel industry.

We discussed the importance of re-connecting with our humanness and creative soul and passion to bring meaning back to our products and development systems. Can we bring with us our learnings from the challenges of coronavirus times, the re-connection to our bodies, emotions and the natural world and allow these to guide us rather than margin and the strict and tired fashion systems we are used to.

We recognised the success of new, start up brands and how well they connect with their audience and pioneer more sustainable and responsible product from a place of story telling and meaning. Can the rest of the industry learn from this fresh and more holistic approach, building seasonless products that not only seduce the heart but speak to the consumers soul and mind. The consumer is ready, waiting and demanding us to design from a present place of human experience, rather than trying to shoehorn eco products into broken systems and fast fashion calendars. The consumer knows that investing in what you really love and believe in is the new measure of social and environmental responsibility.

Ultimately we celebrated that we have what we need, a vast pool of skills, talents, networks and systems already exist and with a rapidly advancing digital era we have speedy access to them. We recognised the need to cherish each-other and respect each person and process involved in creating product. We understand how a meaningful and functioning system is a community and we must lift each other up. The power of authentic connection, alignment, transparency and collaboration will allow us to elevate our souls, designs and impact.

Here's to bringing back the magic, but not the circus!


Watch the full talk online